We are a dedicated blockchain technologies team from Czech Republic. Our main focus as a company is to provide our clients with top quality hardware and hosting services. Since this website has launched we have grown to host mining rigs totalling more than 5000 graphics cards.

We are always seeking and trying out new hardware and new ways to expand the blockchain technology and we try to share the findings with the rest of the blockchain community. Most of our current videoblogs can be found on our Youtube channel.

Our company focus is on solid individual approach to each and every client. We provide expert advisory regarding the hardware setup of your rig, we put everything together and get it working. Afterwards when we host it, we have monitoring crew controlling temperatures, hash rates and other crucial indicators to make sure your rig is working at its optimum. We are currently actively developing our client zone web where our clients will be able to directly switch their mined cryptocurrency and set up properties of their owned machines.

We are currently growing at a fairly constant rate and we expect to increase the amount of our mining rigs by about 50-60% in next six months.
Invictus Mining is currently our first running cryptocurrency project but there are several other lining up to be launched soonn - with one being planning and consultancy services for building up scalable custom cryptomining solutions for private and corporate subjects. If you are interested in this matter, please let us know and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Currently open slots:

Hardware details

Initial hardware price depends on current hardware availability.
Please contact us for exact output and price proposal.

What we take care of?

We offer complete 'hands-off' approach to crypto-currency mining. If we have open slots, you just sign a contract and you are ready to mine. Here is what we take care of besides providing you with the hardware itself and associated installations and setup.

Powered by renewable energy

All energy needs of your mining station covered so all the hardware can run on full power all the time. Besides that, the energy powering the stations comes from renewable sources so you don't have to feel bad about it consuming that much energy.

Properly cooled, maintained and fire protected

The mining station is very, very noisy. And it produces so much heat that it could serve as a heating unit. But we take care of that and make sure its ice chill all the time and all the other needs are covered.

Secured with 24/7 on-site personel

The station hosting is most likely way better guarded than your own home. There are guards, there are fences, there are cameras, ID checks, card scanners, you name it. Either way, your hardware is safe.

Insured against theft, malpractice or natural catastrophe

If the worst happens, we are still covered. The only thing we didnt insure the stations against is alien attack.

Instant replacement of faulty hardware

If some of the hardware in your mining station fails, we will replace it instantly with a brand new one at no cost, at all times. No questions asked.

Connected to internet

Stable and fast connection, not much more to say about that.


These answers should probably clear it up a bit. However if you are still not sure about anything, dont hesitate to contact us - we would love to hear what you have to tell.


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